Tyre cord fabric industry Fabric is skeleton structure, which holds the uniform rubber mass of tyre. Tyre-Cord Fabric has a tyre reinforcement performs to basis functions:

It gives dimensional stability to tyre. Tyre is a pressure vessel and cord fabric keeps it dimensionally stable.
Cord fabric also gives skeleton stage, fatigue and braises resistance, load carrying capacity.

Tyre cord fabric industry Fabrics are used as reinforcing materials for tyres and designed to keep tyres in shape and support vehicle weight, having a significant impact on tyre performance. In the manufacturing process, after polymerization and spinning, high-quality nylon and polyester yarns get twisted and woven into fabrics. Then an adhesive solution (latex) is added to the fabrics to increase bonding between the fabrics and rubber. Finally, the products are heat-treated to improve the dimensional stability of tire cord fabrics.

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