Although Technical Textiles have attracted considerable attention, the use of fibres, yarns and fabrics for applications other than clothing and furnishing is not a new phenomenon. Nor is it exclusively linked to the emergence of modern artificial fibres and textiles. Natural fibres such as cotton, flax, jute and sisal have been used for centuries (and still are used) in applications ranging from tents and tarpaulins to ropes, sailcloth and sacking. There is evidence of woven fabrics and meshes being used in Roman times and before to stabilize marshy ground for road building – early examples of that would now be termed geotextiles and geogrids.

KEW’s products for technical textiles contains nylon tyre cord fabrics, polyester tyre cord fabrics, belting fabrics, coated fabrics, laminated fabrics, fishnet twines and industrial yarns.

The technical textiles are high-performance fabrics that are mainly used for non-consumer applications. According to the end use of its products, Krishna Engineering Works is said to be present in the following Product Range of technical textiles:

Product Range